Clay Paky a.leda K10 and K20 B-eye now available from stock.

Unlock new creative possibilities with the Clay Paky K10 and K20 A.leda B-Eye wash movinglights. These versatile fixtures with great wash effects and dynamic FX modes, along with a unique rotating front lens for awesome graphic effects. Perfect for every venue, TV studio, Theatre or big arenas.

What is the Clay Paky B-Eye effect?

The B-Eye effect from ClayPaky is a really cool feature that creates small beam lights from one fixture. The front lens can rotate and change the position of the LED behind it. Combined with the rotating effect, this creates awesome bloom effects.

  • Kaleidoscopic Effect: The B-Eye’s front lens can rotate, creating a kaleidoscope like effect. This produces a really cool and unique effect. Multi faceted patterns that opens and closes the beam light.
  • Petal Effect: The rotating front lens can also create petal like shapes that open and close. This adds a really cool feature

What’s the difference between the Clay Paky K10 and K20 wash movinglight?

  • a.leda K10: 19x 15W LED, 4°-60° Electronic Zoom Range
  • a.leda K20: 37x 15W LED, 4°-60° Electronic Zoom Range