dB Technologies Line Array and Line-Source speakers directly available.

First: the double 12 inch active line array system from the VIO series: L212 is the first dBTechnologies’ full scale line array module designed for large touring sound reinforcement applications, concurrently providing mighty output capability and optimized coverage behaviour. dBTechnologies was able to pack great sound pressure levels into one of the most compact and lightest active 2×12” line array systems.

dB Technologies C12, C15 and C212:

Designed to create horizontal or vertical line-source arrays and featuring a simple yet rapid rigging system, VIO C offers the most flexible coverage options as well as the powerful and pure acoustic performance that distinguishes all VIO cabinets. The series encompasses 3 enclosures housing premium neodymium components: VIO C12 (1×12”, 3.5” v.c. LF and 1×1.4”exit, 3” v.c. HF), VIO C15 (1×15”, 3.5” v.c. LF and 1×1.4” exit, 3” v.c. HF) and VIO C212 (2×12”, 3” v.c. LF and 1x 1.4”exit, 3” v.c. HF ). The whole series is equipped with latest generation 1600 W RMS Class D Amp module Digipro G4 driving a powerful DSP and allowing each system to deliver impressive SPL (139 dB for VIO C12, 140 dB for VIO C15, and 141 dB for VIO C212).